The abundant of Experiences and
Results since foundation in 1984

Dealing products of manufacturers
in various fields
~ Aiming at one-stop service ~

The flexible correspondence based
on considerations of the characteristic
of a country or the area


The abundant of Experiences and Results since foundation in 1984

Fukunami Trading Corporation is the company which has been exporting/importing many kinds of machine tools and relating products ever since the establishment in 1984. We are experienced with good results in the both of domestic and overseas of these markets.

We pioneered/developed positively the following and other markets to connect Japan and the world as “a linking bridge”.
East Asia areas such as South Korea, Southeast Asia areas such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, South Asia areas such as Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Middle East areas such as UAE, Iran and African areas such as Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa. We will make efforts faithfully to provide good products and services to the customer not only in Japan but also all over the world.


Manufacturers and handling products in various fields ~Aiming at ONE-STOP SERVICE~

The abundance of makers and the products is our big strength for our company which deals with the customers all over the world. We can propose the optimal product from our abundant dealing products according to the environment and the situation of each country.

Furthermore, high quality Japanese product are popular overseas, and are active all over the world also in various field such as machine tools, factory automation, valve & piping and environmental equipment which are required for precision and safety.

We continue to provide products that satisfy our customers, we further enhance our products to be handled and are aiming of “One-Stop Service”.


Flexible response in consideration of characteristic of each country and market

Even though the number of the goods is abundant, the reliance from a customer could not be obtained only by it.
We are thinking that it is "Customer First Company" for the first time which is to understand the customer's demands, to make proposal suitable to each customer with quick and faithful actions.
Furthermore, our company, which is dealing not only with Japan but with the overseas customers, are required more flexible response.

We keep in mind the responses taking into consideration the characteristics of each country, and do our utmost effort to get a strong trust from our customers.


  • Machine Tools
  • Valve & Piging
  • FA
  • Environment&device